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Read what Priscilla's clients have to say about their overall experience!


Priscilla ended up being my back up doula and I was so lucky to find her. Even though there was a very slim chance I was going to need her she still showed up to my house to meet me, learn about my needs, and stayed in contact with regards to my doctor appointments and information on baby's size, measurements, etc. In the end I needed an induction and Priscilla had to fill in for my doula. She was extremely reliable and showed up at the very beginning of my induction and was there every step of the process. She kept me distracted and relaxed the entire time. Her demeanor was clam, yet encouraging. She massaged me the entire time and met my specific needs. She took pictures during the birth so my husband could focus on me and baby. Afterwards,  she continued to check in with me and baby. I highly recommend Priscilla. She is knowledgeable, supportive and easy to talk to. So happy she was a part of our birth experience! 

Carli H. 

Priscilla is very knowledgeable, patient and kind. She got me through four months on bed rest! I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed. 

Carolyn A.

Priscilla and I met only weeks before I delivered. She was highly recommended by a Mom-Friend and we immediately bonded. She offered her expertise and advice even as she was carrying her surrogate child (I know amazing, right?) Even being advanced in her pregnancy, she was always accessible by phone, willing to travel and her enthusiasm was so encouraging. She did not waver in her commitment to see me to term, she was constantly in communication, without being intrusive. She even gave me the words to communicate with my doctors and caretakers, so that I could experience my birth plan as I envisioned it. I am so glad to be connected to her. She reminds me of the strength women naturally possess and also the importance of relationships with one another. Priscilla is definitely of Superhero caliber!

Audrey O. 

I have been using Priscilla for more than 11 years and she helped me so much through both of my pregnancies! I had a lot of back pain in my first pregnancy and could not have made it without her. She was wonderful post pregnancy and beyond. She is amazing at knowing how to find the areas to target when in pain. There is nobody else that compares to her and her level of expertise. She is truly the best! 

Joanie A. 

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